Eyvind EKlund

Eyvind Eklund has previously for 20 years been a city councilor in Hadsund, with tasks such as Deputy Mayor, Committee Chairman Engineering, Environment, Planning and Ports, outside the municipality there were tasks as chairman of several joint municipal companies both in North Jutland and on a national basis.

Background Story

Trained as an accountant at a state-authorised accounting firm in Copenhagen from 1963 to 1966. Resident in Hadsund in 1967, started own auditing company the same year, subsequently received approval from the Ministry of Commerce in 1971.

This company was sold about 10 years ago and is still located in Hadsund under the name: Revision Kjær Registret Revisionsanpartsselskab.

After the sale, the Eyvind Eklund continued as Consultant and Business Advisor under the name Eklund Consult, Senior Member FSR Danske Revisorer. 

The company is now located in its own property Timandsvej 2 9560 Hadsund.


Current business:

  • Eklund Consulting 
  • 50% Owner of BJE Invest ApS.
  • 100% Owner of Eklund Holding ApS
  • Chairman of the Board Carbide Tools A/S
  • Chairman of the board Piralux Auto A/S 
  • Advisor to Beaute Pacifique ApS, including their subsidiaries in Australia and Chile.
  • Purchase and sale of companies as well as property management. 
  • Assistance is still provided with the preparation of accounts for individual special customers.
  • Eyvind Eklund has been nominated by his association FSR and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to join the Compensation Commissions on the determination of compensation for the mink industry, a job that is expected to last 3-4 years.
  • The company BJE Invest ApS owns two commercial properties with a total of 12 commercial leases, located in Hadsund and south of Aalborg in Denmark, a total of approx. 3,500 m2.